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About Petrov Business Solutions

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Hello, dear reader. This is the founder of Petrov Business Solutions with a message to you. I'm here to share the story of my company and invite you to connect.


I have been into entrepreneurship since I was 14 or 15 years old. I have always found business fascinating PLUS my grandparents were business owners themselves so I grew up in such environment.

Before 2020, I used to run some dropshipping stores, most of which failed. To be honest, I had ZERO knowledge but I sort of disregarded that.

Petrov Business Solutions was started back in 2020, after I had numerous business fails.

It was started after I invested in $5K+ worth of courses, sales training and so on...

Of course, I was scammed by some "gurus" but I'm sure you know the feeling. 

After  I created the "idea" of my agency I focused on research. I researched various "niches", business models, real-life businesses and why they were making money, how they were doing it, how they were marketing their products/services, what they were missing out on and how they could further improve their earnings.


That's when I realized I could realistically help any business owner, no matter the industry, niche or if they had an online or real-life business. That's how most of our services were born.

I started networking, exchanging information with EVERYONE - wanna-be entrepreneurs, e-com store owners, real estate CEOs, traders and so on. It was a valuable learning experience.


We are a modern-day online marketing company with a wanna-be "old-money" vibe.


We do not really like the term "online marketing agency" or "social media marketing agency" or whatever else you might call it.

To best describe what we do, we should use the words "value", "results" and "happiness" because that is what we provide our clients with.


We don't do "normal" and we are certain traditional methods no longer work. Simply because they failed us in the beginning.

PLUS we have expanded into OnlyFans management. Don't judge us about it. It allows us to drastically lower our rates - both for our normal services and for our OnlyFans management percentage.


#1 Valid from 01.09.2023 we have ceased working with business owners and have adopted OnlyFans Management as our main operation.


I am looking to connect with like-minded people, share experience and who knows, we might end up being business partners.

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