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Here's How Our OnlyFans Models Earn $23-270k/month With Only 4 TikToks/day

We work and have worked with 100k+ followers on IG models, as well as with completely new to OF girls.
Our system has been tested and proven over and over, for YEARS.
It simply works for everybody.

We will simply make you

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

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Then Click Below To See If You Can Work With Us:

We have a waitlist of models applying. Only book a meeting if you are serious. We do NOT reschedule or work with no-shows.

What Our Models Say

Untitled design (43).png

"Before working with Petrov Business Solutions I had a bad experience with another agency. I think it was Elena that showed me some things about them that had me convinced PBS is better and the place for me.

I had a call with Dilian where he showed me their secret sauce and I was immediately in. After that we signed a contract and Elena took care of me.

All I do is create content and enjoy the money. I was a bit hesitant to have someone else manage my accounts but the cash they are earning me changed that.

Lastly I want to say that their team is pretty badass and they use some very advanced methods to land me free clothes, brand deals and LOTS of free time.

I want to specially thank Elena for everything she is doing."

- Zoe Bennett

OnlyFans Model (non-niche)

"I approached Dilian and his team because I was sick of doing everything. I didn't need them to grow my account or anything (I was already a top 0.7% creator) I just wanted to have more time for myself.

I thought I'd be pocketing less money because of the percentage they take but they managed to drastically increase what I was already earning. Elena put some pretty elaborate systems in place.

My chatting income pretty much exploded. I have to mention they effortlessly increased my sub prices too.

I think I can hands down recommend PBS to you, no matter if you are new to OnlyFans or if you are already a big creator."

- Luna Williams

OnlyFans Model (faceless creator)

"I've been with Dilian and his agency almost from the beginning of my OnlyFans. That would be around the end of 2021. I only have good things to say.

While back then PBS wasn't as big on OF, they still did wonders for me. However, when Elena joined and they started expanding I really saw the BIG results.

In the beginning I signed the contract because Dilian clearly explained what they'd do for me and he pretty much said that the more money they earn me, the more they earn for themselves.

Immediate action and no BS is the way they work and I love that.

DEFINITELY work with them if you get the chance."

- Penelope Murphy

OnlyFans Model (non-niche)

"Elena wanted me to write a quick review but I have too much to say.

Dilian initially
approached me on IG but my first reaction was to decline his offer - after all I could do everything myself, right.

I kept following his agency's work after that and after a while I really wanted to join them.

I've been with these guys for a year now and literally all I do is film four tiktoks a day and take a couple of pics and my OF is on fire.

All I see is the money coming in and the free time I have to enjoy it.

To not make this long and boring, I'll say that if I had to choose a manager, I'd choose Dilian and Elena again."

- Madeline Scott

OnlyFans Model (non-niche)

"To be honest, I chose Dilian and PBS for what might seem like a stupid reason. I really love the old-money aesthetic (my IG/OF tries to keep that look too).

Of course, that was not the only reason. Dilian and Elena were really nice when we first met, explained everything pretty well and I really liked their approach.

I remember the first time we hit over 50k, I felt on top of the world. For about three days, I couldn't believe it was real.

The omni-social stacking matrix is the secret sauce they use. I can't tell you what it is because of my contract but I can tease you about it. 

As a fellow content creator, I'd wholeheartedly advise you to apply to PBS.

- Nora Evans

OnlyFans Model (old-money girl)

Add a subheading.png

"I am relatively new to the team but Elena tells me I am one of the highest earners.

I started OnlyFans directly with PBS by my side and it sure has been an adventure, I learned a lot about myself above all.

I was pretty much broke before I started OF and earning so much money gave me a lot to think about. It was scary in the beginning, I had no idea what to do with it.

Dilian and Elena have been by my side, both professionally and personally and I am veryy thankful. I have developed a lot and am looking forward to the bright future.

Would I recommend working with them? Yes, I would.

- Jane Stewardson

OnlyFans Model (non-niche)

"I'll keep this short and sweet.

PBS have been managing me for a year now and all I can say is I'm more than happy.

I didn't have a good expectation of them but they have proven themselves.

Elena and the team are awesome, their communication is amazing, the guidance I am receiving is exceptional and they have made me rich.

You'd miss out on a lot if they invite you to work with them and you don't accept"

- Ivana Stoyanova

OnlyFans Model (faceless creator)

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